Free Online Tools?!

In a constant effort to search for inexpensive methods complete creative projects involving photo editing and document creation, I happened to stumble upon a few awesome web-based tools that are completely free.

These might seem old news to some but they were completely new to me and I was ecstatic when I found them. Hopefully these resources will help others who were in my situation.

The first tool I found was It’s a free web-based program that gives the user the power to edit photos and is similar but less powerful than Photoshop. To learn how to utilize the programs features I research tutorials on and the more I practice the better I get at photo editing.

Another cool online tool I found is This program’s features are comparable to those of MS Publisher and allows the user to create all sorts of print and digital media. It also provides many different templates to make your projects simpler faster to complete.

A few weeks of utilizing these tools I found out that you can actually access these free tools through Google Drive. I have had a Google account for years but until late I had never dived into the features offered through Google Drive. Upon further research I was able to find other useful web-based tools that can be used to produce a multitude of unique creative projects.

It’s amazing to have so many useful tools at your finger tips in this digital age. In my experience there are always alternatives to getting things done without having to worry about having the money or extensive knowledge to do so. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time and research to find the answers you need.




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Test Your Observation Skills



The six Lighty Tribes are all together on one page so it’s time to put your brain to work.

The list to the right of the page describes the Lighty characters you will be searching for. If there is an (x) next to the description then there are multiple characters that meet that description.

Please leave a comment if you liked this search or not. All feedback is welcome.

See more Lighties at


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Motivation for Busy People


The most inspirational and motivating people I’ve ever been mentored by are people I’ve never actually met. As

On my entrepreneurial journey I have the honor of having a multitude of mentors and motivators such as Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Eric Thomas at my disposal anytime of the day, and you can too. I call them my “digital mentors” because their messages are available whenever I need them in the digital realm.

My favorite website for learning digitally has been Youtube. There is so much free content there and it is easy to find the information you are looking for.  I enjoy going to seminars when I can, but it’s so much easier to type in something such as “determination motivation” and get multiple options to choose from. The videos are usually only a few minutes long and if you don’t like what you’re hearing or if it’s not the message you want to hear at that time, you just change the video.

The only problem I found with Youtube was that I couldn’t listen to the audio without having to keep my phone screen on, which kills my battery, and can be distracting while driving. I recently found Tubex, which is free app that connects with your youtube account. With this app I can find any video I want to listen to and set it to the headphone option so I only hear the audio; and I can close my phone screen.

Recently, I just started utilizing the playlists to save the videos/audio I think are needed on a regular basis. I listen so some kind of motivational audio every single day without fail. Certain days of the week I have a preset of audios I listen to keep me moving closer to meeting my goals. On Monday, for example, I have specific audio’s that I listen to in order jump start my week into productivity and action. On Friday’s I may listen to audios that remind me to take advantage of my weekends and be willing to do things that others won’t do.

I’ve listened to some audios so much that I can recite the words from memory. The words of my digital mentors are constantly on my mind and have shaped me into becoming even more driven, motivated and committed to achieving my goals.

A few of my favorite videos/audios are a linked below:

The Strangest Secret

Les Brown and Zig Ziglar

Take Action

How Bad Do You Want It?








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Couldn’t Hold It In

So I’m at the gym last night doing pull-ups and in my peripheral’s I see a guy starting to walk past me to get to the drinking fountain. I don’t know what happened but as I’m pulling up to the third pull-up my stomach muscles tighten and I let out a loud ass unexpected fart. I know that shit was loud too because I had headphones with music blaring and I still heard it. My eyes got wide with embarrassment as I turned my head to tell him “my bad” but he doesn’t turn his head back and just keeps on walking like nothing happened. I let go of the bar to the floor and turn my head the opposite direction and start dying laughing realizing that he was right behind me when that fart snuck out. I know he had to feel the wind hit the side of his face, lmao.

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The Joy of Seeing Your Own Success

Seeing it made me smile. As my eyes scanned over my work I felt a sense of accomplishment and a sense of pride.  Occasionally, it’s good to glance over your notes, rough drafts and other scraps of paper that you have accumulated over the creation and trial and error period and really absorb the fact that you have been working hard to accomplish your goals. I look back to see how I started, and what I started with, so I can appreciate my growth in the process, and the fact that I actually completed some of my challenging short term goals. Seeing what you’ve accomplished thus far gives you strength to keep pushing forward towards new bench marks and keep setting higher standards for yourself.

I like how it feels when I can look at something I created and experience a surge of positivity and increased drive towards building more. You feel this confidence that you were able to START something and see it through. That feeling is huge for me because it gives me validation that I have broken the cycle of quitting something before really giving it a chance to blossom like I’ve done in the past with so many other endeavors. I used to always be looking for immediate success when the answer was in steadily building up towards delayed gratification.

I enjoy the grind. With each new mistake or mishap I learn something new. Each day I am a better entrepreneur, author, illustrator and person than I was the day before. I realize I have much more still to do and I get inspired at the possibilities of what can come. For now, I feel joy from seeing the fruits of my labor and being able to take steps toward an even more successful future.Setting goals

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One more for the Kiddos

ABCs with Lighties cover (2)

ABC’s with Lighties is specifically for younger children that are learning new words. Available on Kindle devices or the Kindle app, I tried  to incorporate some unfamiliar words as much as possible. I even learned a new word when trying to find words that start with X.

My kids helped me pick some of the words to draw characters for and also changed the familiar ABC jingle in favor of the Lighties. You’ll understand when you get to the last page of the book. I had lot’s of fun making this book for the kids and look forward to working on my next one.



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They’re Finally Here

They're Finally Here

I had an idea and it came to fruition. A book filled with pages of characters of my own creation, with their own story and with their own purpose. This book is a small but vital piece of a story that may be never ending…

Where’s the Lighties? is designed for kids and adults to practice their observation skills. Kids can also learn colors, numbers and letters as they complete each page.

Download on for free through tomorrow, 04/14/14. Don’t forget to give me some stars on my review if you liked it.

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